Track head for PAR lights

Track head for PAR lights

Model: th-u-hw
Shipping Weight: 2lbs

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Details: "Universal" track head for PAR lights, compatible with Halo-style track systems

The open design of our track heads is ideal for Lumicrest LED lamps, as it allows for optimal ventilation of the heat sink for longest life and reliability. This fixture provides freedom of motion in both the horizontal and vertical axis so you can point the light exactly where you need to. Because there is no front ring, it can be used for any size of Par light with a screw base: Par20, Par30 or Par38. (For GU10 lights please order our GU10 track head).

Ideal for galleries, retail stores, residences and office environments. (LED lights sold separately)

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Quick and easy video tips for using the Universal Track Head

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